Yengo October 2011 seven day trip - Keith's Meal Plan 


  • All dinners meals will be group food (Stephen, Tara, Keith carry 2 dinners each)
  • Mains 2 course dinners plus starters and/or desert
  • Only contingency food will be 3 serves of instant potato and 3 x miso soups (group food)
  • 6 days breakfast to suit your individual needs and carry yourself
  • 7 days lunches and snacks to suit your individual needs and carry yourself.

You should aim for 700g dry food/day.

Breakfast (6 meals)

100-140g per serve of muesli premixed with 50g powder milk plus a billy of tea

Muesli                                6 x 200g = 1200g muesli (this is on the heavy side, can go with less)
Powder milk                       7 x50g = 350g
Weight                               1550g

Lunch and snacks (7 meals)

Flat bread, supplemented by chocolate.

Flat bread                                      2 pieces x 7days = 14 pieces
Honey                                             185g
Cheese                                           7 cheese sticks or equivalent
Co-op tamari/cashews mix             7 @ 35g per day = 245g
Chocolate                                       2 x 100g blocks
Dried fruit                                     28 pieces
Muesli bars                                    7 @ 50g = 350g
Weight snacks + lunches              2600g

Dinner (3 x 2 serve meals)

Dinner is cupasoup followed by mains. Or mains followed by desert. Herbal tea/black tea/cold drink for afterwards. 

Cupasoup                            6 for dinners
Weight                                 210g

Mains (non – vego to comply with majority)
Dehydrated Thai Chicken and Vegetable Curry and Rice
Measured weight    500g
Roast lamb and vegetables with mashed potato
Measured weight    500g
Instant potato based meal (contingency) 300g

Apples and custard             400g
Chocolate puddings            375g

Total 7 day food weight               5835g