Emergency beacon summary for the Curracabundi wilderness walk

<- this is sent to the emergency contacts as well as PLB upload site ->

The Personal Locator Beacon being carried by the party is registered to Person YYY. Emergency contacts for the beacon are in order: Person WWW, XXX and ZZZ.

The following trip details have been uploaded to the PLB (link off website to a NPWS webform).

Party of 4, bushwalk from Woko camp ground on Manning through the Woko, Curracabundi and Nowendoc National Parks over 8 days and 7 nights covering approximately 80km. The walk will start on September 24 and finish on October 2. The party will traverse Giro Fire Road, Merno Creek, Monkeycott Bluff, Barnard River, Black Springs Ridge Fire Road, Tuggolo Creek, Myall Creek and Nowendoc State Forest. The party has a car Subaru Forester ABC 123 which will be parked at the southern end of the pine forest in Nowendoc State Forest at a location to be determined on arrival. A second Subaru Forester XXX 123 will be parked at Woko camp ground.

Members of the party are (names WWW, XXX, YYY and ZZZ). Persons W, X and Y are all highly experienced remote area multiday bushwalkers. Person Z has completed two multiday bushwalks. The party has all tents, rain gear, other equipment and food necessary to complete the walk. In addition to this PLB, the party are carrying compasses and maps each, a mobile phone 012345678 and a Garmin Inreach <ZZZ@inreach.garmin.com>. The phone has offline maps and GPS. Cell coverage is unlikely.

Home address:
Emergency contacts:

Provide the same data for the others in party.

<end of PLB beacon summary >


Curracabundi 8 day walk logistics plan

4 participants:

Walk is for 8 days and 7 nights with one day extra for car shuffle at the beginning.

Drive to start Thursday 24 September, lunch at Gloucester then car shuffle and walk in 1km to camp.

Walk for 7 and a half days to second car arriving on 8th day about lunch time then drive home - Friday 2 October

8 Breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners

Individual breakfasts, snacks and lunches

Group dinners; Person WWW x 2 dinners; Person XXX x 2 dinners; Person YYY x 2 dinners; and Person ZZZ x2 dinners – individual soup then one or two courses for group dinner followed by individual hot chocolate or tea.

Cook on a mix of campfires and stoves depending on weather and fire wood.

Individual tents

Personal first aid which can be pooled in emergency

Personal tick/insect repellent

Individual water bladders sufficient for high camps (total 4l x 4 would be more than enough)

Scrub gloves and scrub pants would be prudent

Group gear:

  • Gas canisters 2 x part used 230g canisters (30g per person x 4 people x 3 days = 360g gas = worst case) – ZZZ person
  • Two gas stoves – XXX person and YYY person
  • Two billies; 2l Ti – XXX person, 1.8l Al – YYY person
  • Minimalist group repair kit – XXX person
  • InReach/GPS – ZZZ person
  • Maps – 9 x A4 colour maps at ~1:25k printed and packaged in large sealed envelopes – XXX person
  • PLB – XXX person
  • Secateurs – YYY person
  • Wooden spoon – XXX person
  • Snake bandage – XXX person
  • Sprondicles – XXX person
  • Kitchen fly – XXX and ZZZ persons will have tarps