Visit NSW wilderness 

Protected Wilderness in NSW covers over 2.1 million hectares in 51 areas. 

Some areas would be known to you, like Barrington, New England and Yengo. 

Others you may recognise the name and thought they might be nice: like Catherdral Rock and Curracabundi. 

But where are these places? 

It’s time to rediscover NSW on foot, again. And this site is a work forever in progress.

Most adventures described that are not challenging for a bushwalker with basic skills.

The information provided gives you a feel for the place, to ‘nut the place out’, and to help get you started on adventure. Details about nearby towns, perhaps accommodation and entry points are sometimes provided. 

This site promotes the priceless enjoyment of NSW wilderness, areas lovely, wild and for the most part, poorly known. You could have a great trip across the coast and mountains of NSW just visiting the start points and nosing around NSW parks. 

Keith Muir,