Bushwalking Intentions (provided to emergency contacts and NPWS regional office)

Hunter Range - Mount Yengo - Mount Bulgaben

3 October – 9 October 2011


Prime contact:           Keith Muir, phone XXXX, Email XXXX

Start:                          Howes Mountain, c. 11.00hrs 3 October 2011

Finish:                        Wallaby Swamp, c. 17.00hrs 9 October 2011
                                    (or via entry point, see below).

Intended route:         Follow Hunter Range then south either to Mt Yengo and then the Macdonald River or by a route further west along spurs going south over Yengo Creek, to Mt Moruben and Mt Bulgalaben and then the Macdonald River. Then along the Wallaby Swamp fire road west to the Putty Road (or return by other Mt Yengo route option, depending on progress).

Actual route will vary according to progress, water availability, etc

Transport:     Motor vehicles (burgundy coloured late model Toyota Camray sedan XXXX at Howes Range entry point; and 4WD early model white Toyota HiLux Ute XXXX at Wallaby Swamp exit point).

Walking Party Details and Contacts: (each participant provided the following details)




Emergency contact - name

Emergency contact - details


7 days’ food


First aid kit

3 person Tent

Topo maps (1:25,000)

Mobile phone

Party Experience level:       High